Building with Communities

Habakkuk Trust pilots a number of development projects and initiatives in Matobo in Matabeleland South. Notable are the clinics that Habakkuk Trust is assisting communities to build in Sontala, Sgangatsha and Mabonyane.

In Sontala and Sgangatsha the two communities mentioned that the clinics had long been pegged but political bickering among community members had stalled the process. Through the Community Advocacy Action Teams, Habakkuk Trust encouraged the community to work collectively and to see the benefits of the clinics beyond the personal short-term gains of political interests.  The Community Advocacy Action Teams mobilized more community members for contributions towards the constructions and approached the Matobo Rural District Council (MRDC) for support. The local authority responded positively with contributions of cement and technical support.

Habakkuk Trust Officers AND Community Action Team members on the foundations of the Sgangatsha Clinic.

The construction of the clinics are providing an opportunity to build broken relations and for communities to coalesce. Habakkuk Trust creates a foundation for people from divergent political persuasions and ideologies to put these aside and focus on the common good of communities. Habakkuk Trust capacitated the communities to understand how decisions are made and who to approach when they need issues addressed. This helps communities to easily solve future challenges.

Matobo Ward 7, Malaba, clinic under construction.

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