“My political party is Development!”

Political party polarization on the Zimbabwe political landscape has threatened to fracture communities and reverse development gains. Habakkuk Trust is non-partisan and works tirelessly to accommodate everyone regardless of political party affiliation or lack thereof in all its initiatives. At initial stages of contact with communities, community members are always apprehensive towards each other about partisanship. A traditional leader from Matabo highlighted how communities polarised by party politics. The traditional leader stated,

“Sasikhangelana ukuthi ngubani okhulumani njalo uvela kuliphi ibandla lezombusazwe.” (We would look at each to see who says what and which party they belong to).

Headman Sgangatsha

It took some time to build trust, through the Local Level Advocacy Program; Habakkuk Trust is able to push non-partisan development and the mantra that development has no party. The traditional leader believes they have crossed the bridge of polarization and can now find each other. Another villager concurred with the traditional leader that now people are willing to work together and put political jackets aside. The community member stated,

“Ibhatshi lami yi ntuthuko.” (My political party is development).

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