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To see informed, empowered and transformed communities.


To influence the biblical transformation of communities through advocacy, research and information dissemination.

Strategic Goal (2019- 2023)

To contribute to an informed and active citizenship that promotes peaceful co-existence and accountable governance.

Habakkuk Trust is a Christian advocacy organization that was formed in August 2000 and subsequently registered as a trust.

The organization exists to enhance citizen participation in decision making and development processes focusing on the ability of grassroots communities to determine their own destinies.

Key Objectives

  • To empower grassroots communities with advocacy skills so that they influence and drive decision making and development.
  • To build the capacity of local communities and civic groups in peace building and conflict transformation.
  • To hold duty bearers at local and national level to account.
  • To influence the policy formulation and implementation through research, documentation of best practices, information dissemination and lobbying.
  • To provide information on pertinent development, governance, economic, social and human rights issues.


At Habakkuk Trust we invest in a lot of research so that we deliver solutions that resonate with the needs of the communities in which we operate.

Identify Needs

We carry out research to identify the needs to the communities in which we operate.

Develop Solutions

We develop appropriate solutions based on the needs assesment and reseaches we’d have carried out.


We carry out resource mobilisation and identify the best partners to implement the solutions.


We welcome partnerships to bring positive transformation in our communities.


If you have great ideas on how we can collaborate to make our goals a success, do get in touch.