Habakkuk Trust takes rights to communities

Habakkuk Trust extended its human rights literacy programmes to communities in Matobo District to raise awareness on human rights and enable communities to engage with Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) on human rights
related issues affecting them.
The two organisations conducted a series of human rights awareness meetings in Matobo Ward 10, 14 and 11 which were attended by community members including traditional leaders and councillors.
ZHRC is responsible for promoting, protecting and enforcing human rights and freedoms stipulated in the Constitution and other various international agreements on human rights which Zimbabwe is treaty to. The Commission also protects
people from abuse of power and maladministration by state institutions and state officials.

Amongst other issues, inheritance dominated the awareness meetings as communities’ members felt that the current inheritance laws do not protect women. Access to civil documentation is still a challenge in most communities and some highlighted inaccessibility of their pension benefits. ZHRC advised communities on how they can access the commission and engage them on human rights related issues.
Complaints handling forms were issued for those facing challenges relating to human rights.


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