Economic literacy, a recipe for development

Budget consultation meetings are a way in which community members together with their duty bearers can review the budget and influence how council funds are utilised in the upcoming budget process. These meetings
require full participation of community members so that they can input into council levies and how the money is spent. However, these meetings have a history of poor attendance and this continually affects development.
Habakkuk Trust recently conducted literacy training workshop in Matobo District to strengthen economic literacy at grassroots level. Low attendance of meetings was attributed to lack of information on the importance of economic
processes. The training centred on the budgeting process, public expenditure and gender responsive budgeting. Obligations and responsibilities of individual were also emphasized. The workshop was an eye opener enabling communities to link development actions and levies paid to the local authority. Lack of clear information on who is to pay levies and what is to be paid was identified as the major cause for non-payment of dues.
As way forward participants pledged to spread knowledge on the importance of participating in economic processes and encouraged all groups including women, youths and people living with disabilities to actively participate.


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