Who we are

Habakkuk Trust is a Christian advocacy organization that was formed in August 2000 and subsequently registered as a trust.

2019 – 2023 Strategic Goal

To contribute to an informed and active citizenship that promotes peaceful co-existence and accountable governance.



To see an informed, empowered and transformed society

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To influence the biblical transformation of communities through advocay, research, information dissemination and capacity building.

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What we do

Our goal is to contribute to an informed and active citizenship that promotes peaceful co-existence and accountable governance. We do this through the following programmes.

Advocacy & Information Dissemination

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We disseminate information to assist communities to make informed decisions and inform our stakeholders about our advocacy actions.

Peace building

We conduct peacebuilding initiatives to promote peaceful co-existence and development in communities.


We do short term and long term election monitoring and conduct periodic voter education


We conduct research and gather facts on key issues to enhance our advocacy efforts.

Youth Programmes

We empower young people to actively participate in decision making and development processes in their areas.

Capacity Building

We build the capacity of communities to advocate on issues affecting them.



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Policy gaps give rise to a mining dispute in Matobo

The gaps within the legislative framework governing the natural resources sector particularly gold mining have given rise to conflicts in mineral-rich areas.  Recently in Domboshava village in Matobo Ward 17, a mining dispute erupted after a group of miners reportedly invaded a protected area to prospect for gold. The miners…

Climate crisis worsens wildlife invasions in Bulilima

National Parks officials gunned down three buffalos in Bulilima District yesterday in a bid to drive them away from human settlements. Buffalos herd reportedly numbering over a 100, invaded Makhulela, Huwana, and Khame areas and have been roaming close to human settlements for the past three days. Parks officials in the company…

Communities exercise self-governance in the face of Covid-19

Rural communities in Matabeleland have taken it upon themselves to curb the increase in imported cases arising from illegal returnees. The issue of border jumpers making illegal entry into the country without undergoing screening and testing has been a cause of concern in recent weeks. Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action…

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