What should the Zimbabwe Government Prioritize in it 2014 Budget?

The Government of Zimbabwe is set to announce the 2014 Budget latge this year. What do you think the government should prioritize in its 2014 Budget?

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Senior Information and Advocacy Office

GWANDA: Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Team Convenors from Gwanda wards 1, 2 and 21 are this Thursday meeting on their own to strategize on how they can collaborate as communities to tackle critical advocacy issues affecting them.

The initiative that was started by Dambashoko Convenor, Mr Nesu Moyo is expected to accord action team convenors an opportunity to not only peer learn but also exchange vital skills and ideas that will ensure that the action teams they lead are more effective and efficient. It is also anticipated that through this initiative, action teams may start a concept of ‘community twinning’ where two or more communities join hands to tackle an issue that is key to one community. This initiative will also work as a peace-building model for communities.
Speaking to Habakkuk Trust over the phone today, Mr Nesu said he shall be ‘hosting the meeting at his homestead this Thursday at 10am’ and he is expecting that the initiative ‘will yield positive results’ though it’s at its infancy stage.


By Senior Information and Advocacy Officer

MATOBO: The Convenor for Matobo Ward 2 Action Team Mr Daniel Moyo has indicated that the action team is set to meet on Wednesday the 16th of October 2013 to strategize on how they can effectively launch an advocacy campaign for the local community to benefit from mining activities in the community.